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Yesterday began in earnest when I stopped making out with Amanda's bear and got out of bed and into LARP. Got my character in trouble because the other players were late (there were only three Garou in the Sept at Game start, and two of them were Cubs). Did some cool stuff, talked to people. Couldn't brood nearly as much as Friday night (with the daystar and all).

Ran a LARP. Heard from multiple players that it was one of the best First Nights of an Ongoing LARP they'd played in. Didn't hear any complaints. The players all decided to show up at *the same time*. The first player walked into the Campus Center at 6:30 (half an hour before Game Start). The last player and I walked down to Founders at 7:15. Ran myself a little ragged paying attention to too much. Went to Denny's for a caffeine high with some of my favourite playes and Prince.

Today I went to lunch with the 'rents and my grandfather. Always great to see him, I need to start driving down to visit him. He's the greatest. Didn't get back to Worcester 'till 7. Tutored for a while, talked to the Coopers, and called Doc. We talked for 40 minutes (mostly about Earthdawn), but it was great hearing his voice again. Hang in there, bro. The cards my family got me really touched. Here's what they said:

Let the simplest things just carry you away. -Vanessa

For My Brother
I've always admired your enthusiasm for life--
your excitement about everything you're doing
and about what lies ahead.
I'm proud of you and the life you've built
for yourself. I hope the future
holds nothing but good things for you.
Happy Birthday
Happiness Always

For My SON with love
For today I wish you special joy,
Now that your birthday's here,
And pride in the accomplishments
That you achieved last year.
For tomorrow I wish you happiness
And hope it's just the start
Of a year that's filled with all the things
You want most in your heart.
For always I wish you favorite dreams
That one by one come true-
I wish these things with all the love
I'll always have for you.
Happy Birthday
-To Greg- Love from Mom + Dad 2002 (21!) Greg-Happy 21!

Birthday Wishes
May this birthday be the beginning of a year
filled with good luck, good health,
and much happiness.
-Love, Mom + Dad "21"

To: Greg (as close to a brother I'll ever have) From: A Random Smiley named Chuck "Blood is thicker than water, but love is thicker than blood' - a country song

PS - For those who might be wondering, Trevor Potts is my cousin and makes damn good music.
I think he might be emo. Or filk.

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