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The Fine Art of Diplomacy

Turkey's expansionist hopes were quickly dashed by an alliance between Russia and Austria-Hungary, but the Turkish fought bravely. After taking and holding Bulgaria and briefly Greece, the Turks were beaten back, but it would be five long years before Turkish borders were crossed and the country fell.

Everyone threw themselves at the neighboring neutral countries, but an Alliance between France and England allowed them to expand that much faster. France marched into Belgium and sailed south, conquering Iberia slowly, but keeping pressure on Italy's flank. England and Russia came into conflict over Scandanavia, but managed to keep Germany out of Denmark. Austria-Hungary expanded predictably into the Balkans. A clever ruse allowed theFrench, English, and Germans to trick the rest of the World into perceiving their Alliance as broken.

The war began to settle out into its usual give and take when suddenly a blunder left St. Petersburg to the British. Meanwhile, in the South, a clever band of Adventuring French ended up in an evacuated Venice, sending word to to Paris that the Nation would be quick to fall. England hoped it had just gained sufficient advantage that it would mark the difference in the war, and proceeded into Germany's exposed rear flank.

Germany, justly feeling betrayed, allowed Russia to utilize Berlin's resources to quickly build a fleet and start beating back the English in Scandanavia. The French and English carried out the motions of an Internecine Struggle, whilst carving up Germany. The Italian Army in Piedmont was forced to retreat into Switzerland and perished.

Seeing an opportunity to strike deeper at the Hearts of its Foes, the French Adventurers left Venice for Triest, but a well-defended Austria-Hungary blocked them, and they ended up in Tyrolia. This allowed France to take Kiel and Munich, leaving the German lands completely occupied, but the German Armies fiercely kept on, taking refuge in Denmark, Bohemia, and even disappearing into Budapest.

This was when the English broke the Alliance in earnest. They deployed their fleets to the Atlantic, and a miscalculation left the French fleet in Brest. The British made landings in French-Occupied Portugal and Holland, but left Edinborough open to invasion. Austria-Hungary, having finally finished off Turkey, was now marching into Germany, taking it from the reeling French, and openly showing their designs on their Ally Russia. Just in time, France and Italy met in the Mediterranean, and agreed to back each on the Mainland and empty the Sea, preventing Austria-Hungary from taking Venice the very season it chose to strike.

With their resources in the North holding the line, the fleets in the Med returning to reclaim Portugal, and a growing Insurrection in Yorkshire, France moved to finally destroy traitorous England, with Germany aiding a surprise landing of a Russian Army in the now thoroughly confused Edinborough. Thus ended the Year of Our Lord 1907, with Turkey no more, and the peoples of England, Germany, and Italy in open revolt.

The French enacted a squeeze play in England, marching the Russian Army into the sea. In Germany and Italy, it bade its time, praying the Natives would delay Austria-Hungary long enough for victory to arise, and it did. Russia began to crack on both fronts, losing Norway, and then briefly St. Petersburg to another intrepid French Army, which was summarily destroyed. Italy was divided right down the Peninsula by the French and Austrians, leaving an Implacable Stalemate all the way through the country and into the Mediterranean.

Surprise landings all over Scandanavia and in Denmark destroyed what little fire Russia had left in its armies, and the country was divided between the Austria-Hungarian Empire and the French, with the French taking the Lion's Share. With Kiel finally succumbing to the French (after having been propped up by both sides for years), a thick swath of entrenched troops left neither side any room to advance. A stalemate had been reached, with France controlling 18 Resource Centers and the Austria-Hungarian Empire 16.

At roughly 5:00 this morning, having started at 7:15 that night, I was declared the victor in Diplomacy. The game where you lie, convince, and backstab your way into Conquering Europe.

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