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Weak End

It all began innocuously enough when I was not called until 5:30 about my 4:30 tutorinmg appointment. Now, maybe they were right and I was supposed to come *unless* called, but I don't really care at this point.

I drove down to Plymouth to play Cyberpunk. TIM was there, and it was cool seeing him again. Matt had wanted to not start right away, so naturally we started the weekend off with the game. If we thought we were screwed before, we were really screwed now.

Saturday was spent getting even more screwed, and then we rented Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch. TIM was over again, and he and Matt were amusing themselves with way too much Bushisms and "Is it Rice or not?" for what felt like hours. Andrew and I thought this was a good time for a little cuddle.

We watched the movies. LS+TSB did not impress me much. I don't really get into tragic-stupid-street-thug-comedies. Especially when everyone talks with a British Accent. Snatch was much better (Pikies rule). Got some more cuddling done. Wondered if TIM noticed (Matt spent most of the movie in Andrew's bedroom "talking to his girlfriend").

Movies ended, Matt passed out, TIM going home, and we got into some serious cuddling. Some time later (like 2-3 hours maybe), we actually start kissing. I was surprised. Pervious kissing ecapades ended abruptly when I couldn't stand my wandering thoughts. It shames and frustrates me that I can start thinking about other people and things - doing worse things - when intimate that way.

As refreshing and energizing as hours of cuddling can feel, I needed genuine sleep and pulled the covers over us.

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