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Sweet Dreams Are Made of This...and other things.

I had another funky dream. I dreamt that for some reason my brother and sister and I had moved out of my parents' house and into a relative or close friend's. Why was I even living with my parents in the first place? Why were my sibs so eager to get back with our parents?

And in other news, I have totally bent Starcraft to my cruel will and have begun playing Protoss more than the other races, specifically so I can Mind Control their units and play all the races. I usually send out a Protoss Power Fleet (12 Carriers, 8 Scouts, 6 Corsairs, up to 3 Arbiters) to wipe out any defenses, then cleanse with purifying flame via marines, zerglings, and mutalisks. Any attempts at resistance at that point are hit by my Yamato cannons. The only problem with this is that I need to start making colonies at Depleted Geysers just to get enough Gas to fuel upgrades (but by this point Protoss upgrades are completed).

One thing I've always wanted to improve on is attacking earlier, and I think I'm accomplishing this goal.

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