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Booze Up And Riot!

We had some people over for Shadowrun and Booze. It was fun. And I was never really sober enough before to see how Ren might ruin the mood for certain people, though she did not ruin it for me.

This morning's dream made me a killer. For some reason, I had this awful habbit of turning into a shark and eating people whenever we were in a pool together. Fortunately, Consuela, our maid, helped hide me in the closet by the garage for a time. I believe she was still there when my father eventually dragged me off to the police. I believe there was a reason that I didn't go crinos and eat him, but don't recall.

Also, bodily waste functions were regulated by fruit loops and pink lemonade.

Step 1. Go to Dress Rehearsal.
Step 2. Go to Crossroads.
Step 3. Profit.
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