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The Two Towers

Most trilogies follow a simple formula. The beginning sets the stage, the second complicates it, and the third resolves it. Star Wars, ignoring the ever-extending twists and turns of fandom, was like this. And the Lord of the Rings, though die-hards like myself will remind you that it is not technically a trilogy, is like this. And another trait of trilogies is that the second movie ends darkly. Star Wars is again familiar with this formula, as Empire ends with the heroes in doubt and fear, questioning who they are and whether they can even rescue those friends who yet live.

And that is how The Two Towers is supposed to end. Frodo is captured, possibly dead, the Light he carries is spent, the ring in the hands of Samwise who has lost his only guide and must stealth his way into the Tower to save his friend. Hope diminishes for those in the other half of the tale, as enemies have been defeated, but enemies that are but mere pawns of the Enemy, and, if I recall correctly, they have already reached the point where there is no Dawn.

The two scenes I had wanted to see were both at the end. One, which was mostly there, was the deciding scene in the battle between Gollum and Sméagol. The battle was not decided by Faramir, indeed the Hobbitses never ventured into Osgiliath, that battle was decided by Sam. He destroyed whatever sanity was left in the creature with his mistrust. That was always the difference between Frodo and Sam, why Frodo was able to carry the burden and resist it as long as he did. Frodo had the capacity to forgive, to trust, and to hope in ways that none of the other characters could fathom.

The other scene I wanted to see was the battle with Shelob. I wanted them to lose that battle now so that all hope would be lost, but their course clear. The cynic in me wonders how much these movies have changed to match the world we live in. I wonder how they would have come out had certain tragedies not befallen the world and certain changes affect the course of this country. But, sadly, I find myself wondering all too often, just how I could make every movie I see better than it is.

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