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The Winter is Broken

A number of things have happened over Winter Break, and this is really my first report on it.

Following my previous entry, I ventured down to Middleborough to go see The Two Tentpoles with Andrew. A good time was had, though I'm disappointed I didn't get the chance to have much in the way of meaningful conversation. I've entered that classic Greg phase of alternating between being unable to think about something and unable to act upon it. I want to spend more time with him, get to know him better, get to know how I feel about him better.

Almost all of my roadtrips this break can be unified by a single common factor: Everyone tried to run me over. When we went out to Dim Sum, Dennis started the car moving, and knocked me into it. This was fortunate, as my weight was no longer on the foot that was now dragging on the ground. He then tried to run me over again the very next time I was outside his car. I was rather terrified, as I figured sooner or later I would be the one trying to run myself over. Dennis (at least twice), my brother, my father - it's like everyone's trying to run me over.

Christmas came. There was white stuff all over New England.
Chinese Dragon statuette from Doc
Warcraft III and Japanese Dinner set from Brother
Dragon atop Trilithon statuette from Sister
The Secret of NIMH from Shaughn
The Adventures of Odysseus book on CD from Chuck (misshipped by Amazon)
$150 from my Grandfather.

And from the 'rents:
a bunch of new Transformers
a bunch of new clothes
a Two Towers calendar
a Midnight Blue Trenchcoat
5-disc DVD Player
Ever After on DVD
The Essential Monkees
Duran Duran - Greatest
New Video Card (probably the best that will ever be compatible with my computer)
256MB RAM (which came broken and needs to be exchanged).

Supposedly I have a Summer Fun Cthulhu coming.

I love Warcraft III. It will be even more fun when I can play it on my computer as it should run even better than on my sister's. Even better than that when I get myself s'more RAM. My computer was seriously messed with. Backed up everything useful and reformatted both Hard Drives, installing OS 9 on one and 10.2 on the other. Video Card had some weirdness in its installation, but everything seems happy. Except the Startup Screen. Apparently, ATI was very upset about the lack of smiley mac icon and refuses to show the OS X Startup Screen. Boo hoo.

New Year's Eve came and went, there was much drinking and ogling of women. And men. I wasn't having a very good time for most of it, but stuck around because cool things have a tendency of happening after you leave Noah's parties. Doc was around. Obviously, this bothered at least two people. I can't really tell if anyone else cared in a negative way.

Pickup Game continues. My character has progressed from level 2 to level 5 in about a week of game time. Wow.

And Saturday was Crossroads. I love that game. It is the coolest game I have ever been in and I love every minute of it. I wish there was more of it. I can't wait until we get back into weekend long adventures.

None of the school-related things I wanted to accomplish happened over break:
research on Grad Class for next term.
work on MQP/IQP.
work on resume/job hunt.

And I won't cry for yesterday,
There's an Ordinary World.
Somehow I have to find…
And as I try to make my way
To the Ordinary World,
I will learn to survive.

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