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The road goes ever on and on...

Out of the womb where it began...

A whole week of stuff has happened since last post, and much needs to be recapped:

Classes have begun in earnest, my music class has met 3 whole times, and my grad class will meet its second time tomorrow. I think I might actually have a grip on what's going on in it, too. IQP is going well, sorta, Ben is writing a ton, but I'm having trouble writing all over the place. I fear the amount of writing I do will be minimal, but my job editing the piece will definitely be of use. I haven't heard from my MQP Advisor in over a month, and that's kinda a bad thing.

Crossroads is next weekend already, so I need to finalize my downtime actions between now and then and ensure that those teaching me are actually teaching me. Hopefully I'll have convinced my car to work by then. Didn't go to the Pickup Game (see below), and can't show up this weekend either. Just ran an excellent session of my Earthdawn game, the characters accomplished a lot and the players had a lot of fun listening to my descriptions of things. No news on the LARP, I'm afraid. Warcraft III rebels the more I play it.

Andrew came up this weekend, we watched a bunch of movies, ate various types of food, and went Hangin' with Mr. Cooper. I really enjoy being around him, but need to come up with more active things to do. Had him in stitches when we were playing pool in the Campus Center, which helped me beat him 5 - 3.

•The Future
This weekend is Genericon. Alex is trying to come up with some crazy scheme to go to it and also do a million other things. Sometimes I worry that I wield too much peer pressure on the boy. I need to get more work done somehow.

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