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What a surprise.

I bumped into Marc for the first time in almost a year. It was kinda neat talking to him (and hitting him up for Glee Club donations), but the same distance and igNORance issues were there. It's kinda funny, really, considering that I've actually been thinking about him recently. Wondering just how many years of therapy I'll need to get over the fact he didn't molest me, and speculating on how many I would have needed if he had.

I've always had abandonment issues, and the one person who made me feel like they might go away made the biggest contribution of all. January 29th will be the one year anniversary of my final revelation about him. I'm finally beginning to do some of the things I never could because I was still too busy pining for him.

Note to self: Never let popcorn be the last thing you eat before bed. You will never get the taste out of your mouth. Toothpaste will not avail you.

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