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Crossroads and Car Troubles

This was a bad weekend for crossroaders' cars.

Eric got into an accident Friday, and the weather was so nasty, I gave up on my ailing car, and Melissa bumped the guardrail. Fortunately (for me), AAA sent a towtruck that came with a built-in mechanic, so he waved his hands over my engine and put enough magic smoke back in that we got all the way to my street before we had more car trouble. My street being in Wellesley. This did mean that I got to pick up my Summer Fun Cthulhu and laundry, but I missed the concert on Sunday and Conor was most annoyed at not being in Worcester as planned. Still, he seemed to enjoy the company of my parents, and they made us blueberry pancakes.

Seeing my brother again only reminded me of how conflicted I am with him. He's in much the same position as a number of my friends who have dropped out (Conor especially), but I can't help but wonder if it's the fact that he's my brother that makes me think that all his reasons for flunking out of school are just bullshit. Am I really that biased towards my family that they can be in the same position as my friends and I can despise them for being in it?

Crossroads itself was fun. There were a couple of boring spots where all the players were waiting for the GMs, but with both Narrators on vacation, I can understand their position. Andrew was there and had a great time, and like me he actually finds it easier to LARP without being distracted by knowing the people you're with out of game. I'm glad he wasn't reliant on my being there to entertain him, because as much as I wanted to be, my character had obligations that took him elsewhere. The GMs masterfully removed the NPC Alpha and Beta of the Sept from the game, though we will probably be relying on one other particular NPC a whole lot more than we did either of them.

I am still living, breathing, and eating Crossroads, which makes it kinda hard to do IQP work.

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