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Late Night Procrastinatory

So, I've been a lazy turd lately and haven't updated in a while.

As I made it clear in my last post, I survived the weekend. My car will be ready Saturday.\

I'm currently embroiled in a most interesting geosociopolitical debate on TinyTIM that started when I played Devil's Advocate regarding a gang shooting in Toronto. Currently, I'm arguing on behalf of total pacifism. Actually, I think it's more of a sociogeopolitical debate. Sadly, the only thing that the people I'm talking to are correct about are things I was saying five minutes before them. Conversation has died down. We got trapped in 'The Environment.'

Got to play Lab Monkey on my MQP today. It was kinda fun. Ook Ook.

I'm real behind on my IQP. That's why I'm still up. Work on this project is a lot of fun, but it's hard for me to get in the right mood for it. I'm not feeling nearly as attached to the characters as I should.

Andrew was up on Sunday. We had lunch at The Living Earth, watched some Things, and cuddled lots. Mmm...cuddles...

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