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Friday was Valentine's Day. I don't care if you don't like it or any other holiday, as Shaughn posted and I have always said, holidays are just an excuse to do what you should be doing anyway - and a handy preset deadline for them. I wanted to see Andrew again before I left, and the fact is that Friday was the best day to do it, regardless of the overabundance of roses and chocolates.

He arrived late - 2 hours late, in fact, though he had a perfectly good excuse. He had been scouring south-central Mass on his way up looking for a Sora Action Figure. I had mentioned to him months ago that I had a crush on the video game character, so he decided to try and find him for me. He came up empty handed, but I wasn't expecting a gift anyway. I tried to force my way into te passenger seat of his car as we both started shoving crap in the back. He innocuously handed something to me and said "Here, hold this." It was a single red longstemmed rose.

We went and had lunch at Da Lat, splitting a Sapota Shake. We had an interesting experience getting out as someone tossed their idling car into the parking lot, blocking ours. I was sorely tempted to put a rock on the accelerator and just put it in gear. We just missed the 3:00 showing for the movie du jour (Daredevil), so we stopped by TE to look for Sora. We did not find him, but I soothed (or maybe exacerbated) my CCG addiction by buying some Jyhad cards.

We watched the movie. I liked it, it was a very good comic book adaptation, but some of the special effects were a little obvious. I had signed out to write a review for NewSpeak, but I really don't know what to say about it. We returned to my apartment to watch the deleted scenes from Attack of the Sequel, stopping off at Price Chopper to proquire energy drink for Andrew. He drained it immediately and passed out on my futon. He wasn't quite passed out, but I would be surprised if he remembered anything of Star Wars. We had two hours of good cuddles, followed by half an hour of cuddles and smoochies.

He had to leave to be up early the next day, and because I had work to do, though sadly I didn't get any of it done. Neither did I today. I want to work on my $QPs, but I really don't know how to go about it. Why is it so much easier to let my future slide and just vegg out in front of the Internet?

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