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Inclement Weather (rambling)

WPI is shutting down at 11:30 today due to snow. I had completely forgotten that I could use my Secret Ninja Powers to cancel school. No wonder I was so tired. Thanks, Mom, for reminding me. Sean Cooper asked me a couple of weeks ago what Tribe I'd be if I were Garou (not which one I'd choose to be). I would have to be either Shadowlord of Child of Gaea, because my mother is SUCH a Shadowlord (and father is SUCH a kinfolk). But just because I don't have to go in today doesn't mean that I'm not way behind in certain areas of work. I think this calls for a pot or two of Special Gunpower (tea). Sleeping, it seems, has gone from my most favoured past-time 2 years ago to one of my greatest enemies. Sleep eludes me almost every night. I think from now on, I'l going to have to play soft music *all night long* to help me sleep. Sigh. I wish Andrew were here to hold me. I could use a pair of big strong arms. He really is the perfect boyfriend for me. He knows how to treat a guy right, and he's oh-so-patient. He'd probably be ready to do anything I wanted, but he's perfectly willing to keep things in low gear like I really need.

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