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I had planned to write a long, involved entry about Andrew and what we had done this weekend, but after 8 hours of Babylon 5, I really don't think I'm up to the challenge. I'll be brief:

1. He arrived around 2 yesterday, and we took care of my laundry. It was really nice having an extra pair of hands to deal with the stuff. I know, it's kind of lame to spend a day with your boyfriend folding laundry, but it was definitely something I needed to do, and we had time in between operations at the laundromat to entertain ourselves. At six, I had to make a brief stop at my tutoring job to do some math schtuff, unfortunately, it ended up taking 2 1/2 hours. To make up for abandoning him, I brought Andrew a rose (they're nice and cheap now that Valentine's is over), and we watched some Ranma and then The Mask of Zorro. Mmm...Ranma... By that time, he was falling asleep, so we decided to call it a night. He asked permission from his dad to keep the car overnight and he stayed on the futon.

This morning, I greet him after I finally drag myself out of bed and we spend the next five hours cuddling. It was fun.

Things to do before I leave for Italy:
Do Laundry
See Andrew one last time
Get Video Tape/Plug Adapter for Video Camera

Finish watching Babylon 5
Get Hair Cut
Finish MQP
Finish IQP
Clean Kitchen
Finish Projects for Digital Score Design

Days until I leave for Italy: 5 3/4.

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