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Nine hours to go.

Things to do before I leave for Italy:
Do Laundry
See Andrew one last time
Get Video Tape/Plug Adapter for Video Camera
Finish watching Babylon 5
Get Hair Cut

Finish MQP
Finish IQP
Clean Kitchen
Finish Projects for Digital Score Design

The kitchen cleaning has been attempted repeatedly, but every time I finish cleaning it, Daren starts a new pile of dirty dishes. Still, I want the kitchen to be clean when I leave.

The projects are going into next term. The MQP is through no fault of my own, the Advisor wants more data. As for the IQP, it's almost certainly my fault that we're going into a fourth term. I just can't get into the characters that Ben is creating and can't write for them. The last chapter I wrote had to be completely redone because I got it all wrong.

As for Digital Score Design, I still have a couple of hours before I see John. I'm sure I can spit something out for him. Time for breakfast.

8 1/2 hours now.

Here is where we will be:

March 1 Travel Plans:
Departing WPI via bus at 14:30: Arriving Boston at 15:30.
Departing Logan Airport (BOS) (Terminal D) at 18:25 via Alitalia 619: Arriving Milan (MXP) 7:50 the next morning.
Departing Milan Airport (MXP) at 10:10 via Alitalia 1283: Arriving Naples (NAP) 11:35.

March 2-6: Hotel Bristol, Sorrento
March 6-8: Naxos Beach Hotel, Giardini Naxos (Sicily)
March 8-9: Hotel Kaos, Taormina (Sicily)
March 9-10: Naxos Beack Hotel again.

March 10 Flight Plans:
Departing Catania (CTA) at 6:10 via Alitalia 1712: Arriving Milan (MXP) 8:05.
Departing Milan (MXP) at 10:15 via Alitalia 618: Arriving Logan Airport (BOS) (Terminal E) at 12:55.
Departing Boston at 14:00 via Bus: Arriving WPI 15:00ish.

Anyone for Sushi Monday night?

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