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Dream Lover

I had a dream. It was set ambiguously in a high school time. I was outside, doing laps around a cartoonily small infield. I was clearly "working out" for my own purposes, something I did not do in high school. I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt with a towel over my shoulders.

There was this onlooker. A cute guy with gray hair in a ponytail. t-shirt and windpants, also with a towel over his shoulders. Whenever I'd stop to take a break, he'd ask me if I wanted to take a shower. Unlooked-for sexual advance by cute guy in high school? Man, I must have been dreaming.

In my high school as well as WPI, the locker room showers were all unstalled. I never gave them a second thought in high school. I was a little uncomfortable with the ones here for a while, but I got over it sometime last year. In my dreams, there's always a shower head hanging from the ceiling, with a curtain in a ring around it.

The day wore on and still I did not respond in the affirmative, though I was getting closer and closer as darkness fell. Eventually I saw him walking away and caught up with him. "Hey, you still want out?" He made a motion as if to speak. I moved in closer and he told me that he had lost his voice and had to go home.

We walked on in silence. We arrived at The Creepy Old Rundown House. The façade was eerily reminiscent of that of my current apartment, only the timber was all the darkest of browns. He told me to stick around but to stay out of sight.

I looked to my left and saw another baseball field, with the direction of the pitch headed toward the house. Next to it was this dilapidated lamppost that managed to carve out a quarter-circle arc, also pointed towards the house. At the top of the lamppost was a guy. I ducked behind the last rustbucket car in the parking lot and he dropped down to join me.

He was the stereotypical jock-type, except he seemed to have a brain on his shoulders. He told me that the residents of this house gave great head and was wondering why I was here. I told him about lover boi. He slapped the ground. "Man, I didn't know Tim was gay." I explained to him my theory of Experimentalism. That we are born not knowing who we are, and we must discover it. That notions of sexuality are meaningless at our age because we are too immature to properly know what we want.

Tim came out looking kind of sheepish with a white trash girl who looked a little younger than us and was holding some abominable thing. It had a huge gut (we later learned it was pregnant in horrid detail), was missing the bridge of its nose, and had eyebrows like bitch tits. This thing seemed to be the girl's daughter. The guy and girl clearly had something going on.

I found myself in their living room wearing only my boxers. Not really sure how that happened... There were just enough magic cards and CCG acoutrements to be noticable. We talked further and eventually it was time to leave. I put my clothes back on and headed out, stopping to ask Tim if we were going to work out the next day. He answered in the affirmative.

On my way out across the green fields, I started to wonder exactly how far I was going with this boi, and how this would affect my relationship with Andrew. When I awoke, I realized 2 things.

1. Lover boi wasn't real.
2. Even if he was real, he was nothing compared to Andrew.

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