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My brain is a masterful storyteller.
In every dream I had tonight, I could feel something strange on my left leg and on my right cheek.

In my very last dream, we were sitting in the living room watching something and I felt like examining these things. They were not extra skin. They were not inflamed glands. They were not tuumours. They had hard shells *inside* my skin.

I ran out into the kitchen and yelled for my mother to come join me. Hust as she got into perfect viewing range, I felt the one on my cheek pulsate, and painlessly felt my skin break as a trickle of something fluid ran down my cheek.

I could somehow see the look of shock on my mother's face as she yelled "Oh no the Spider!"

And I woke up.

Also, every night I have this strange episodic dream about a class with a professor not-too-unlike Prof. Humi, on some sort of complicated mathematics. The strange part isn't just that I'm always in my underwear (and for some reason briefs), but that I take my clothes off when I arrive for class anf put them back on when I get ready to leave!

And, no, the other students are all fully clothed. The Professor seems to notice, but doesn't seem to care.

No more sausage right before bedtime...

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