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Dallas By Night (Take 2)

I have just decided that I will probably not play in another Vampire: The Masquerade game. Crossroads players, who shall remain nameless, who are otherwise intelligent people, whose characters in Crossroads have the slightest clue regarding the consequences of their actions, become the same blathering idiotic hordes of Neonates-Who-Should-Not-Have-Been that caused me to want to run a Vampire LARP where such things did not exist. Oh, but they did anyway. I can't say that I really understand what it is about Vampire that causes people to blow up Hospitals, but I find it quite safe to say that it is a bad thing.

I will continue to play in Dallas By Night, as there are at least 2 PCs that I can stand: One is, conveniently enough, my character's childe, played by my boyfriend. The other is of the Toreador Antitribe, and we have found each other to be quite agreeable partners in our business. I must wonder, though, if some of the characters would be viewed in different light if I were playing another character type. My hope is yes, but I honestly can't think of such a type. The NPCs, almost every last one of them, are fun to interact with, and there are most certainly things for me to do, and I will continue to promote the game to people I know because it is my hope that I know more people capable of playing well than badly.

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