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It's been...One Week.

Found out there was a fuckup with my Suff CDR. Had a dream that I was running a four-player LARP. The game ended when I discussed how everyone had figured out that one player was an imaginary friend, and then asked if anyone realized that the Eager One was as well.

Hooray Hooray The first of May!
Outdoor Fucking starts today!

Made Okonomiyaki with Andrew.

Saw X2 awesomeness. No worthwhile previews, though. Had lunch at Bertucci's. They changed their Chicken & Proscuitto Calzone to Chicken & Rosemary Ham. Very sad. First night of Crossroads. Very awesome. Amazing what LARPers can accomplish sitting around a campfire.

Full day of Crossroads, woo! Eat, Breathe, Sleep game. Except for Dinner. We had chinese. Mass Combats late at night are a royal pain. Next time we should do it around the campfire.

More LARPy goodness. Players go home beaten and tired. Shower, woo. Introduced Andrew to B5. He passed out around 10.

Watched more B5. Went to Jillian's for a free pool party that a Glee Club friend won. Mmm...buffalo wings...

Watched Here is Greenwood. Dropped Andrew off. His lunch upset his tummy. Went home alone. Started Crossroads writeup.

Going uphill around 1 to check on graduatingness.

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