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Last night, I had a dream...

I dreamt about you last night. I was carrying you around some convention or other. Or maybe it was like wandering the infinite corridors of MIT. I was carrying you in my arms. Every once in awhile, I'd shift you around. If it was because you were bored or because I was tired, I can't remember.

Around the end of the dream, we stumbled into a lamaze class in a Men's Room, and not long after we left, I set you down on your feet. You smiled at me in that wonderful smile that I will never forget. You were blushing harder than I ever remember seeing someone blush, but I know I was blushing more. You said something wonderful. So wonderful that I really don't know if it matters.

And then you kissed me, once or twice, and blinked just so. And I remember thinking, even before I awoke, that it was worth the effort. Every moment of effortless work carrying you was pure joy, and in the end you wanted me. Maybe not as much as I want you, that I may never know. But you wanted you back, and that was all that mattered.

I kissed you back.

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