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over and over...

So I had this wicked cool dream this morning. It was one of those euphoric, pleasant and happy experiences that you, well, can only dream about. It reminded me about an insane little yaoi fic I read.

Some friends and I were in a department store, or a giant Walmartish thing. I was sitting on a plush version of the Alter of Change while someone was looking at some jeans. It was taking forever, so I started to hum and entertain myself. Eventually the hum turned into a song and I started belting out "Crimson & Clover," a song I had been much infatuated with when I was a kid. Something about the unintelligible words of the verse and the unintelligible meaning of the chorus enchanted me.

And it also enchanted my friends, as we began to dance our way into the grocery section of this place, singing "Crimson & Clover" over and over.

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