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Harry Potter and the Never-Ending Story

#5 is down. This one was somewhat disappointing. There were things going on, and they were important, but it wasn't linked together very well. The various subplots had no cohesion. The new teacher at school had nothing to do with the Order of the Phoenix, and neither had anything to do with most of the interpersonal tensions.

I read the first several chapters with tears in my eyes. The frustration he felt, the anger, it was all real, I know exactly what he was going through. But when the adventures set in, and he started romancing Cho Chang, I could still imagine what he was going through, but I couldn't feel it. It's like I've lived half a life, the bad half.

I mean, I've only ever had one boyfriend, and I've only ever kissed one girl, and she's on my Short List. The Short List of people who I shouldn't be around. Yeah, that's something to be proud of. I had a sort of schoolboyish relationship once. I spent several hundred dollars talking on the phone to Kim, but we don't talk much anymore. But I never open my eyes and see something nicer than her.

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