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the Requiem Begins

Poker went so quickly that we decided to break out the Requiem books and make a go at it. Everyone knew I had been wanting to run it, so it was no real surprise that I was Game Master. I tossed them one of the subplots I had thought of for the LARP I'm developing, and it went OK. Everyone who stayed conscious the whole time told me they enjoyed it and looked forward to more.

I think there was a little of the requisite fuckyoo, a dash of darkness, and a nice steaming pile of plotting and scheming. The next few sessions, if sessions there be, will have to detail the quirks of the new gameworld - Clan vs. Covenant, Virtue and Vice, Blood Potency, perhaps even a Combat or Two. My NPCs need a little more fleshing out, but I came up with some great images.

Why is it that all my WoD games involve dragons...?
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