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Eleventh Hour Pleas

For those of you heading into work today with undecided voters or fence-sitting Republicans, consider this:

George W. Bush has called John Kerry the most consistently liberal Senator in Washington. He has also called John Kerry a flip-flopper. Who's the real flip-flopper here?

He has developed a culture wherein he can say anything, and the people around him will apologize and tell us what he really meant. He used the most blatant of lies to trick us into a war we are not winning, and threw away the largest Diplomatic Advantage in history. He gives power and wealth to his friends on our dime, and his decisions are all based on "instict" without regard to reason.

He claims he "has no lithmus test" for Supreme Justice nomination. There are only two possibilities on this one, folks, either he is lying or he will be choosing our next Supreme Court Justice out of a hat. Which one is worse? He refuses to answer hard questions about his policies, dodges admission of any of his wrongdoings, and ensures that no one, NO ONE, has the opportunity to be heard in his presence if they disagree with him.

He wants to pass a Constitutional Amendment ensuring that I will never get treated fairly by my government. These are not nameless, faceless people he is trying to hurt here, this is ME. And Chris. And Andrew. And Jude and Sue and Andrea and Will and Dan and Rich and Myke and Mykal and Katy and Cat and Jessie and people you know and might not even realize and millions of other Americans.

He is a nepotic, warmongering fanatic with no accountability who got the job because of his father and refuses to even hear a voice of dissent to his opinion. The last time we had a ruler named George who was like that, we fought a war to free ourselves from him. Luckily for us, all we have to do is pull the (metaphorical) lever. Go vote.
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