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The Baying of Hounds

Prologue III is complete. The game session went in a different direction than I intended, but I liked this one better. The Requiem is progressing nicely. Current plans are to work on the LARP plot the week after Tabletop, and the tabletop plots the week before Tabletop. City politics are shaping up to be:

Prince Malus (Invictus Nosferatu)
his Ghoul Nigel (acting as Seneschal)

Constance (Lancea Sanctum Ventrue)
Donovan (Ordo Dracul Mekhet)
Esmerelda (Circle of the Crone Mekhet)

Other Covenant Leaders:
??? (Carthian ???)

Ethan (Invictus Gangrel and Sheriff/Hound)
Marcus (Ordo Dracul Nosferatu)
??? (??? Daeva)
No Mekhet Priscus

This basically leaves four tiers of Power: Prince, Primogen, Other Titled, Rabble. Sounds like a pretty good hierarchy to play around with.

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