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More fun dreams, including a visit to the doctor's office.

Last night was my Five-year High School Reunion. Strange how time flies. When we graduated, I could tell you the life story of everyone in my class except for Davy Jones - He was new our Senior year and I never had any classes with him. I was rather surprised at how little I remembered of everyone that was there - and yet still know too much about Magic: The Crackering.

We got screwed by the venue, their "Open Bar" was Open only for certain drinks. I'm rather glad I spent the last year learning to like beer. It was interesting to see how people had changed and see where they were going - three other people (out of 83 in attendance) had become teachers, and another was thinking about it. There were also stock brokers and contract-hires and PR babes, as well as Law and Med students. I got to talk to most everyone I wanted to see, but the two people I wanted to see most - Paul and Will - weren't there.

I was amused early in the evening when someone said "I wonder if TJ's gonna be here. I kinda wonna beat the crap out of him," and I couldn't help but think about how I had had those same thoughts the past few days.

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