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All good things...

In 1994, I played Magic: The Gathering. I was a member of the Duelist's Convocation, and though I never actually attended a sanctioned tournament, when Wizards switched over to Duelists' Convocation International, they sent me a nifty package in the mail. Some Italian Legends, some Arena promos, and a deck. Yes, my 52-card red and black deck, aka my "magic" deck, was a gift from WotC.

For the past few years (three or so), the Ace of Diamonds has been a marked card. Someone managed to bend it in such a manner that there was a large white fault line running across both faces of one corner. It was only a matter of time. Still, this deck survived the Wedge, the Octawedge, a trip to Italy, and three months of middle school children.

Yesterday, the corner finally broke off. 10 years I've been playing with this deck, the backs are patchwork and faded, and showing off how poorly they were built and never remotely designed for repeated play. They still shuffle well in the hands of an expert, as long as you don't sweat on them too much. At this point, the only thing I can really do with them is use them for test resolution in MET.
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