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Never were there two friends who agreed and disagreed more.

Yesterday, I visited my friend Sean. Now, I had mostly intended only to drop off a birthday present for Billy D on my way to an SFS meeting, but I ended up staying and talking for a good four hours or so. We talked about a lot of stuff, mostly politics and religion. Apparently, someone's trying to pass a bill to totally change our tax structure to the sort of thing he's been wanting for years, except that the Gubmint would end up overtaxing you every day of your life, and paying you back at the end of the month. Bizarre.

We also talked about Marriage (of the socially/spiritually variety) versus marriage (of the legal variety). We more or less agree on the institution of marriage, that nobody can create a legal contract arrangement that is discriminatory based on gender, that changing the legal term would probably be for the best, etc. But it is interesting to note that I find the idea of implementing his concepts of Marriage abhorrent on many levels- he suggested that Marriage exists for the sole purpose of producing children through, er, manual labor. Implementing this idea would be implementing Government-sponsored genetic manipulation and, from my perspective, would invalidate every reason everyone has ever used to get married.

PS - would it be uncouth of me to wear my MacDonald of Sleat kilt on St. Patrick's Day?
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