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Drive-in Mob!


The time has come for the first annual Drive-in Mob! This Friday, June 17, the Mendon Drive-in is showing Batman Begins and Star Wars: Episode III on Screen 2! Bring a carload of friends to see 2 hot movies for only $20 a car! Visit their reasonably priced snackbar or bring your own damned food if you want!

What you'll need:
•a car (or a friend with a car)
•a chair (unless you want to stay in the car)
•a radio (sound is piped in via short-range AM/FM transmitter. car radios work, but boomboxes are cooler)
•some money (like $10 should cover dinner and movie - doesn't $10 usually cover just one movie? ;)

Please RSVP with me so I know how much space to block off. Try to be there as the gate opens (6:30) so I don't have angry soccer moms trying to run me over with their Suburban Assault Vehicles. Try to fill your car yourself, but feel free to reply here or email me if you need a ride/have space in your car.

Apologies to those of you who cannot drive to Massachusetts this Friday.
Find a Drive-in near you!

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