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The Drive-In Experience

I love the drive-in. I love how the breeze comes in and gives you fresh air, it gives you a sense that you're part of the action in a way that poorly climate-controlled sticky theatres can't touch. I love how the clouds can be seen above and around you and add atmosphere even to space operas like Star Wars. I love how it rains just a little bit when it's gloomy during the movie. I love how you only miss the action while in the bathroom itself - on the way there, you can hear the action coming from people's radios, you can both see and hear on the way back. I love how cheap it is. I love how good the food is.

I figured out what it was that I didn't like about Batman Begins. It wasn't a movie, it was a Pilot. Its purpose was to set things up, not get things done. I loved how we got an understanding of some of Batman's abilities and technology, and I absolutely loved how Gordon talked about power escalation in the battle between good and evil, how superheroes create supervillains - and supervillains create superheroes in return.

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