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Boring Conversation Anyway

Etherialsproing: I'm sorry if I was having too much fun with you meeting someone at Arisia and them being sixteen.QEDrakmar: s'okay... everybody's been doing it all day...QEDrakmar: like my new icon? :)Etherialsproing: The problem you cite is exactly why I like the statutory laws in theory : not everyone is adult enough to have or even attempt an adult relationship, and not being old enough can seriously fuck you up.Etherialsproing: It's w%*/nderbar.QEDrakmar: ayup.Etherialsproing: The problem with the law, of course, is that not everyone reaches that age at 18 (or 17 if you're in New York, or 16 in NH/CT...)Etherialsproing: Not everyone is remotely adult enough by then, but by the same token, some people are already quite ready.Etherialsproing: If I really believed it, I wouldn't care (on an ethical level) if you met a nice 8-year-old.QEDrakmar: *snrk*Etherialsproing: In my experience, you can't tell if you're ready. You can only look back and say : Man I wasn't ready then.Etherialsproing: I wasn't ready last night. I might be today. I somehow doubt it.QEDrakmar: *nod*Etherialsproing: That's the annoying thing. I want to have a meaningful relationship, but at the same time, I know it's almost impossible.QEDrakmar: that's kinda why I'm glad this happened. It completely removes the need for the maturity to handle any thing physical and to be able to seperate it from the emotional...Etherialsproing: hm.

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